What You Need to Know About Food

  • March 4, 2019

If you are desperate to lose weight, but you do not know where to start, finding out what you need to know about food for a diet is a very good place to start. Losing weight consists of two steps and the correct eating plan is the one very important part.

Food for a diet:

Any food that forms part of a well balanced, calorie controlled diet is suitable for someone that want to lose weight. It is getting the portions and proportions right is where the problem normally lies. Most of us do not know what a proper portions looks like any more and we also eat too much of certain kinds of food.

What does a healthy balanced eating plan looks like?

  • A well balanced eating plan will contain all the food groups. True enough, you will have to eat less of some groups and more of other to achieve the desired effect.
  • Eat about five small portions of carbohydrates a dayThis includes vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas. Rice also falls into this group. Here you have to be very careful not to add calories with your cooking methods. Beware of spreads, oil etc.
  • Vegetables needs to make up a very big portion of all your meals. Eat at least five big portions of vegetables a day. Remember that potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and legumes do not make out part of your veggie allowance for a day.
  • Proteins are very important as they are necessary as building blocks for your body. Eat mostly low fat chicken, fish and legumes. Red meat must be limited to a few times a week and eat only very low fat portions. You need to eat at least three average portions of protein a day. Legumes are always a very good choice. Remember to always combine legumes with a small amount of carbs to provide your body with a complete protein.
  • Fruit is very healthy, but as fruit contains a lot of sugar, you have to limit it to about three small portions a day. With fruit portion control is even more important because it is so easy to eat too big a portion. A big banana, for instance, can sometimes be very large and will then rather be two or even three portions. For this reason, going slow on bananas may be a good idea.
  • Eat only low fat or fat free dairy products. Keep dairy products to two portions a day. A very good choice as a food for a diet is fat free, unsweetened yoghurt. Use it in your cooking or as a salad dressing. Beware of hard cheese as they are normally very high in fat. Fat free cottage cheese is also a very good choice.
  • Fat needs to be limit, of course. Keep your use of fat to about three teaspoons of olive oil or other kinds of fat a day. You do need to eat a little fat as your body needs it to absorb the fat soluble vitamins. Here is an area where you really have to be careful as fat is by no means a food for a diet.


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