Weight Loss Success is Not About Food

  • July 17, 2019

People always want to know the secret to weight loss success. There are certain questions that I can pretty much guarantee will be asked…everyone is looking for the magic bullet, the weight loss tip of the century…and they almost always think it revolves around food. Well, here’s the big secret: it isn’t about food!

Sure, we’re told we get fat because we eat too much or we exercise too little. And for some people it may be that simple.

If you have never really had a weight problem and suddenly you find yourself putting on a pound or two…or even 10-15…you can definitely look around to see if you have changed your behavior lately. Have you exchanged playing ball for watching it on the television? Are you getting home later from work and so you are eating late and then crashing? It may be as simple as going back to your old routine for you…but my experience and observations indicate that there are fewer of you than the rest of us.

Typical questions asked by the would-be dieter of the person with weight loss success:

  • What did you do? translation: what diet did you follow?
  • Did you eat specific foods? translation: I like “x”, will I have to give it up?
  • How long did it take you? translation: I want to get this off overnight
  • Did you join a gym? translation: I don’t want to and don’t have time to spend hours at the gym but I believe that’s necessary
  • What exercises did you do? translation: if I do exactly what you did maybe this time I will have success too

This line of questioning always revolves around food and/or exercise…what to eat, what not to eat, what exercises burn fat faster, it is about finding the magic combination that one needs to follow in order to melt the pounds away.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that my friends is a diet…and diets don’t work. If they did then the diet industry wouldn’t be generating billions of dollars every year.

So if diets don’t work, then what is the recipe for weight loss success? It is simple, it starts with you mind not your mouth. You must start by changing your thinking in order to permanently lose weight. You must believe that you deserve a healthy, slender body. You must believe that it is possible for you to achieve that body.

As long as you harbor a belief that you can’t lose weight or that you don’t deserve the body you desire then you will prove yourself right. I know, because I did it. Doctors believe that losing weight is a simple math formula–reduce the calories you eat and increase the calories you expend and you will lose weight. For years I heard that…and for years I defied it. I guess my body flunked basic math!

It wasn’t until I started to change my thinking about myself that I was then able to lose weight. That is the real magic bullet!

Start with one simple thought–“I deserve a healthy, slender body and I can achieve it!” Repeat this affirmation over and over…several times a day every day. Write it repeatedly. Post it on notes throughout the house. Say it, write it, read it until it becomes ingrained in your mind.


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