It’s Not Just About Food

  • July 19, 2019

The word diet has become associated with food, eating plans, restricting the intake of fatty foods and even eating smaller portion sizes. For many, this is the principal concern of a diet and what the entire weight loss industry tends to revolve around. It’s all about food in the weight loss field, but in actuality, what you drink can be just as important.

Many drinks that are considered acceptable and are consumed on a regular basis are actually extremely fattening, yet few diet plans actually take them in to account. Wine, the relaxing drink of so many, is actually full of calories; a 125 milliliter glass of sweet white wine, for example, contains more calories than a bag of M&Ms. Yet this little known fact means that many people who are watching what they eat with precision, are still consuming many calories on an average night out without even realizing it.

It becomes, then, incredibly important to know what calories are in which drinks. These calories, should you plan on consuming any of the beverages, should they be factored into any daily eating plan and calorie allowance. Some of the worst offenders for calories in drinks are liquors; there are 150 calories in a 50 militate amount of brandy, and sweet cider racks up 110 calories in a half pint measures.

These amounts are, like all things, printed on labels on any purchase. It is therefore an extremely good idea to take these amounts into account when planning your daily or weekly calorie consumption, perhaps even substituting some of the drinks with high calorie content for those that are a little more diet friendly.


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