How to Change Children’s Habits of Being Particular About Food

  • July 17, 2019

Being particular about food can not only make children suffer from malnutrition but also do harm to their health and influence their growth of intelligence. This is why there are many children who suffer from malnutrition although the living standard has been improved. How to help children change this bad habit? This is a question most people are concerned about.

1. to take regular meal

Parents should arrange the time and amount of the snacks children take in and to reduce the amount of snacks gradually and finally keep snacks away from them. In addition, parents should make meals delicious and full of varieties. The food contained in a meal should be balanced and abundant in nutrition.

2. cook meals with children

Parents can try to make children take part in the process of cooking. They can help to trim vegetables and wash them. In this way, children can enjoy the happiness of cooking meals. They can become more interested in meals.

3. never do other things while taking meals

There are many people who may watch TV or read books while taking meals, which can influence the gastric secretion of children and distract their attention. In order to ensure that the children has fixed time and place to take meals, parents should turn off the TV, radios and some other things to make children sit at the table and have meals quietly.

4. give children psychological hint

This means that if children eat something with keen pleasure, they will give children the psychological hint that this food is really delicious. In this way, they will be willing to eat.

5. create a fine atmosphere of dining

Children’s appetite may change with their mood. Parents should never talk some thing like children’s score on table because this may influence their appetite. Parents should make children realize that eating is the best enjoyment.

6. eliminate fear

Some children may fear of eating some food such as fish. They worry about being damaged by the fish bones. In this case, parents should help them remove fish bones and eliminate their fear on fish.

7. give children some prize

During the whole process, parents can take some policies of rewards and give children some encouragement when they make progress.


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